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mount riding

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mount - a swift conveyance


ask <mount> to learn location <name>
ask <mount> to learn [a] route
ask <mount> to forget location <name>
ask <mount to forget route from <location 1> to <location 2>
ask <mount> to remember

journey <direction> on <mount>
stop journeying
ride to <location> on <mount>
continue riding on <mount>
stop riding


Your mount can be used to rapidly travel from place to place; however, it is not magical and has to travel in a regular fashion across the ground to get there. It is also not omniscient, so you will have to teach it the route from one location to another before it can take you between them.

To teach your the route a route, start at a location that it knows, ask it to start learning a route, and travel while mounted on it to another location. The other location does not have to be learned ahead of time - you can ask your mount to learn a new location while it's learning a route, and it will end the route at that place. Note that taking arcane transportation will confuse your mount and cancel the route learning.

Once you have a route between two locations, you can travel between those two locations quickly by riding your mount. Your mount can travel along as many routes as required to get to faraway locations - for example, if you have a route from Ephebe to Djelibeybi and another route from the same room in Djelibeybi to the Lower Djel Trading Post, you can ride directly to the Post from Ephebe.

Riding will consume your mount's stamina. The higher its speed, the faster it will get to your destination and the less stamina it will consume. The higher its intuition, the more locations and routes it will be able to remember. Wearing an appropriate saddle will also slightly reduce stamina consumption from riding.

After riding, it is important to rub your mount dry with a towel so that it does not get pneumonia.

If your trip is interrupted, whether through the use of the 'stop riding' command, from being attacked, or from falling off your horse, you can continue riding from where you left off.

You can also journey through terrain using your mount. This is like normal journeying, but is automatic - your mount will continue until you decide to stop. This does not consume stamina.


>ask my horse to learn a route
The skewbald horse needs to have learned this location first in order to start learning a route here.
>ask my horse to learn location stable 1
The skewbald horse looks around carefully, committing this place to memory.
>ask my horse to learn a route
You need to be mounted on the skewbald horse to teach it a route.
>mount my horse
The skewbald horse is not wearing a saddle.
>buy lancrastian saddle
You buy the Lancrastian saddle.
>get saddle
You get a Lancrastian saddle from a muddy stable.
>dress my horse with saddle
You dress the skewbald horse with the Lancrastian saddle.
>mount my horse
You mount the skewbald horse.
>ask my horse to learn a route
The skewbald horse starts watching its surroundings closely.
You open the south door.
Hp: 6025 (6110) Gp: 500 (500) Xp: 1114681
As you ride the skewbald horse through the door, you strike your head hard on the doorframe and are sent tumbling out of the saddle.
The skewbald horse, seeing you dismount, decides not to learn a route after all.

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