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Playtesters Domain - Mission Statement

 — Egads, what is this? A mission statement? On Discworld?

Sure! The playtester domain is not only an administrative entity for ensuring that everyone gets all the playtestery goodness they are entitled to, but it's also positively brimming over with untapped synergy!

The mission statement of the playtester domain formalises the aims and intentions of the domain. The intent is to clarify the position of the domain to ensure that everyone is aware of exactly what the domain is about.

The process of playtesting is provided as an opt-in service for creators to make use of to improve the overall quality of their code and to ensure that the impact of new developments is assessed from all available angles. The primary method of doing this is through the diligent efforts of the many playtesters who voluntarily devote their time and energy to critiquing and commenting on new developments while simultaneously providing valuable general feedback and balanced ideas for improvement.

The key aspects of this are: