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About Us, By Other People

You don't want to listen to us banging on about ourselves all the time. Here are some things other people have said about us!

The Guardian article

September 2022. “Perhaps the most enduring influence Pratchett’s work still holds over the MUD is the author’s progressive and inclusive outlook.”

Rock Paper Shotgun article

August 2015. “Discworld MUD - a glorious living tribute that deserves to be known for its own merits too.”

PC Gamer article

February 2014. “The sheer love that's gone into this game specifically is what's most impressive though, with its scale and commitment to covering as much of the world as possible really standing out.”

Total PC Gaming Issue 15 Scan

Christmas 2008. Total PC Gaming magazine (issue fifteen) expressed their love for our Fine Works! Thanks guys, we love you too - it's not every day you see your MUD listed alongside World of Warcraft!

Total PC Gaming Issue 7 Scan

May 2008. Total PC Gaming magazine (issue seven) rated us as the #2 MUD in the world, which makes us the #1 non-commercial MUD. Achaea is a commercial MUD with paid staff. Discworld is now, and will always be, completely free to play! We are staffed entirely by volunteers, and it's a great thrill to see our work stand up against money-making alternatives.

Armchair Arcade interview

June 2004. Armchair Arcade did an interview with our very own Pinkfish.

Mud Connector staff review

August 1999. It was some time ago now, but The MUD Connector did us a very complimentary review. We've only gotten better since.

Seen a reference to us elsewhere in the world? Contact a liaison or administrator and let us know!