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mount carrying

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mount - a bearer of burdens


stash <object> {in|on|into} <mount> [saddlebags]
retrieve <object> from <mount> [saddlebags]
check [contents of] <mount> [saddlebags]
ask <mount> to return <object>
ask <mount> to {release|drop} <object>
ask <mount> to {take|carry|get} <object>
ask <mount> to accept things from strangers
ask <mount> to not accept things from strangers


Your mount can be dressed with saddlebags, which will allow it to carry a few things for you - about a backpack's worth. You can use this to carry the food and various other necessities of mount-owning, with a little space to spare.

If this is not enough space for you, your mount can be dressed with a pack saddle as well, allowing it to carry as many items as you wish to fit on it. This comes at the expense of using any other saddle, however, which means you will be unable to mount it.

When your mount is burdened, it will take an increasing amount of stamina to move the higher its burden is. The more speed and strength your mount has, the less it will be burdened by the same weight.


Do not place anything on a horse that you cannot afford to lose! If anything goes missing, creators will not replace it.


>dress my horse with pack saddle
You dress the skewbald horse with the pack saddle.
>get shields
You get three large metal shields from a muddy stable.
>give shields to my horse
The skewbald horse is only mildly discomforted by the additional weight.
You strap three large metal shields onto the skewbald horse's pack saddle.
>ask my horse to return pack saddle
You remove a pack saddle from the skewbald horse.
The skewbald horse drops three large metal shields.

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