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The Liaison Domain

 — when you need more than cabbages

The members of the Liaison Domain act as conduits, communicating information between developers and players. They are the public faces of the creators, and should be able to assist you with questions or concerns you may have.

Liaisons are creators whose main function is not to code, but to communicate. They help or get help when players have problems with something in the game (be that the code or another player), bring up important issues in the creatorbase, explain and enforce rules and policies, and generally serve to keep the game running smoothly.

Liaisons also have a task in helping newbies, and are responsible for the maintenance of the newbie area and Newbie Helpers. However, they are not Helpers themselves and are bound by creator rules not to reveal technical information on how things work under the hood, or to affect anything in the game except as needed to correct bugs and other immediate issues.

If you have a problem and think that a liaison might help you, even if you are unsure, don't be shy, just ask! Use the "liaisons" command to see which liaisons are online and send one of us a tell. :)

In these pages we explain a bit more about what it is that liaisons actually are and do, both for those who ponder applying and for those who are just curious.

Relevant Pages


The liaison domain is currently open for applications.

If you are interested in becoming a liaison, click here for more information.