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mount - a noble companion


lead <mount>
mount <mount>
dismount <mount>
dismount <mount> and lead
put <equipment> on <mount> / dress <mount> with <equipment>
get/take <equipment> from <mount>
name <mount> as <name>
rename <mount> as <name>
dename <mount>
feed <food> to <mount>
groom <mount>
assess mount [needs]
assess mount health
assess mount traits


Horses and camels are wonderful friends that can help out in lots of ways, for the low price of food and care. You can use them for carrying things, riding, and helping you to fight.

Mounts have five traits - vitality, speed, intuition, strength and docility. Vitality affects how much stamina your mount has and how quickly it recovers, docility affects the amount of riding skill required to get your mount to obey you, and the other three traits help with carrying, riding, and fighting in various ways - speed and strength for carrying, speed and intuition for riding, and strength and intuition for fighting. More details are available in the other helpfiles in See Also.

Different breeds of mount have different base values in each trait to begin with. As you use a mount over time, it will also gain and lose points in its traits depending on how much it's been exercising them - except for docility, which can only be adjusted by a stable's retrophrenologist. Assessing your mount's traits uses or adventuring.movement.riding.camel, depending on the type of mount.

Mounts have nutritional needs - they need a certain amount of fibre over time, and calories when they've been using stamina. Some foods are better at restoring fibre and some foods are better at restoring calories. Don't overfeed your mount, though, or it may become overweight. Assessing your mount's needs uses crafts.husbandry.animal.grooming.

In addition, your mount will become dirty over time and have to be groomed. You can purchase a grooming kit at most stables.

Horses, but not camels, also have to wear horseshoes to protect their hooves. You can change your horse's horseshoes at a smithy.

Mistreating your mount can result in an exciting variety of illnesses. You can get it treated either at a horse doctor, or by a player witch. Being sick will temporarily reduce your mount's trait values and may kill it if it gets too ill. Assessing your mount's health uses crafts.medicine.diagnosis.

If your mount dies, it can be brought back to life with the Raise Dead or Resurrect rituals.

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