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The Mudlib

 — keeps frogs happy

In an LPMud the mudlib is the support framework for the world. The MudOS driver provides the very basic fundamentals and the mudlib provides the features necessary to make a working game. The mudlib is what defines how most common objects work and what capabilities they have.

Discworld has created and maintains its own mudlib. The mulib was started in 1991 and has been under constant development ever since. Unlike some other distribution libs the Discworld lib is a working mudlib, used to run a very large LPMud. There are also about 20 other MUDs that use the lib or a derivative of it.

The Discworld mudlib goes beyond the norm with the number and variety of objects available and the level of detailed interaction that is possible with them. For example, books on Discworld can not only be read, they can be written on, they can be published and printed, you can even tear pages out of them. This kind of attention to detail, this immersive environment, is found throughout Discworld MUD.

The Discworld mudlib was first released in 1993 and the current version is available for download for free from the mud links section.

If you setup a MUD that uses the Discworld lib you may wish to join the dwcre and dwchat intermud channels (see documentation for details).