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mount fighting

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mount - a warlike steed


ask <mount> to assist in combat
ask <mount> to not assist in combat
ask <mount> to focus [on] <enemy>


Your mount can help you to fight in several ways:

With a basic level of intuition, it will be able to assist you in combat, fighting at your side.

With a low level of intuition, you will be able to mount it into battle, gaining a significant height advantage over your foes. This also lets you use the charge and storm specials if you have them.

With a moderate level of intuition, you will be able to ride it actively in battle, improving the speed of your attacks and causing enemies' attacks to sometimes miss.

Finally, with a high level of intuition, your mount will learn how to trample over enemies, greatly increasing its damage potential.

Your mount's general combat bonuses are based on your fighting.special.mounted bonus, multiplied by a factor based on its strength. Having more of both of these will make it more effective and less likely to die in a fight. Your fighting.special.mounted skill is also used for charging and storming.

Fighting will consume your mount's stamina. Wearing an appropriate saddle will slightly reduce stamina consumption from fighting.

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