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Getting Started

 — where the cabbages and newbies play

If you've read up on some of the documentation in this section, or even if you haven't, you may be ready to log into Discworld MUD for the first time. Here's what to expect and how to survive... at least for a little while.


Discworld MUD is a text-based game which means a client of some sort is required to connect to it. The easiest way to connect is to click the "Play Now" link at left. If you're looking for more features, a standalone client is probably the way you want to go. In this case, connect to on port 23 or 4242. Discworld also supports IPv6 - the address for this is the same but only port 4242 is supported.

Standalone clients must be installed on your computer. There are many clients available (free of charge) from various points around the Internet. We have written up a a short list of recommended clients for which our players have published plugins, but there are many other good clients available. In addition you can also connect directly with telnet (though we don't recommend it).

Important: Discworld supports MCCP-enabled clients. You should always try to get a MUD client that uses MCCP compression. A compression-enabled client will compress the data sent between the MUD and your client which results in faster performance for you and makes for happy mudding. If your client doesn't support MCCP, you will still be able to connect, but the MUD gives preferrential treatment to clients with it when we are at or around the player limit.

If you have problems connecting, see the FAQ section on connecting problems.


When you first create a new character on Discworld MUD, your character starts out with a limited inventory and a bit of play money in a separate area designed just for new players. This newbie area is worth exploring. It contains information about groups and ideas that you will encounter on Discworld MUD including guilds, quests, etiquette, and interacting with NPCs. Here you can also gain some valuable lessons in fighting and shop interaction. It is recommended that you fully explore this area the first time through. You are not allowed to return to this area once you leave it and enter the game.

Before leaving the newbie area and entering the game, you're asked to choose a nationality which will determine your start location and your native tongue. If this is your first time playing Discworld MUD, we recommend that you choose 'Morporkian'. This will start you in the largest and most newbie-friendly city on the MUD, Ankh-Morpork.

Getting Help

In addition to the playing help section of this Website, there are several sources for more help once you're in the game.

help here
typing help here will give you room-specific help if available.
help object
typing help followed by an object name (for example help book or help horse will give you help on using or interacting with that object.
help essentials
The help essentials section is a quick-reference for many common situations
Newbie channel & Newbiehelpers
The newbie channel is a MUD-wide channel that is specifically for new players to ask questions and chat on. Some helpful players and creators listen to the channel and can offer advice or steer you in the right direction if you get into trouble. To use it, simply type newbie and then your question. Be aware, however, that you will lose this channel after 18 hours of play. For a list of newbie helpers that are currently online, type helpers.
Fairy godmothers are NPCs specifically designed to help you out of sticky or scary situations. godmother help will call a fairy godmother to you. She will then transport you to a safe location you've been to before. If you happen to find yourself in a room with no exits (eek!) or if you are under level 50, your fairy godmother will transport you for free. If you are over level 50, she may expect some payment.
Liaison creators can help if you are having a problem in the game or can't figure out how to use an object. They may point you at other resources but can be of assistance with broken or missing items and suchlike. To see a list of liaison creators online, type liaisons
Among the items your character has when it starts out is a voucher good for a talker. The talker allows you to communicate with people all over the MUD from wherever you are. Once you find a shop that sells them, the voucher can be exchanged for one of these magical items. There are multiple places that sell them (see help talker for a list) and multiple channels for different guilds and interests.
Guides are helpful NPCs who will help you get places. They will instruct you on how to get to many common destinations (such as guild houses or other city landmarks) if you ask nicely. Just say help guide in the presence of a guide to find the location of said destinations, and say where is the mended drum (or whatever your destination of choice is) to find out how to get there.