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Newbie Helpers

 — for newbies young and old

Newbie Helpers are experienced players who have volunteered to help new players starting out. They answer questions over the newbie channel and personally as well as on the talker, and help to set a welcome atmosphere in the game.

Newbie Helpers are managed by one or more helpers admin, who are members of the liaison domain. These helpers admin are the persons responsible for the administrative part of the group: hiring and firing of helpers, dealing with complaints and questions, as well as implementing policies for the group. Current members of helpers admin are: Aristophanes, Arwyn, Dacrian, Keb and Pit.

Current members of Newbie Helpers can be found here.

Relevant help files


Apart from the in game informs and commands (like whereis), all newbiehelpers have access (to ask and answer questions) to the newbiehelpers oracle.

Applying to be a Newbie Helper

If you are interested in becoming a Newbie Helper, you should start by reading all of the help files above! These will give you information on what the rank of Newbie Helper entails.

Finished reading those and still interested? Great. :) Well, let's move on to the criteria...