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Newbie Helpers - helping the new discover the Disc


The newbie helpers are those old cabbages who have been here long enough to begin growing wrinkles on their fronds. They are experienced, friendly people who are willing to let you sip from their fountain of knowledge, free of charge.

A newbie helper is a volunteer player who is committed to helping and encouraging new players to learn how to play Discworld. Helpers provide this important service to the MUD by introducing themselves and offering help and advice to new players, answering questions on the newbie channel and talker channels, working within their guild to promote the guild and make it welcoming to newbies, and standing up for newbies where appropriate. Helpers will always be polite, courteous, and of course helpful.

Newbie helpers know what it's like to be a new player on Discworld. If you are lost, need to know where to join a particular guild, or have a general question regarding a quirk of Discworld; these are the people to ask!

The online newbie helpers can be listed with the 'helpers' command.

Please remember that newbie helpers are not liaisons. Liaisons will help you when you are thinking about ideas for the game, or you come across a bug in the game, or if you have a 'technical' enquiry. Liaisons will not tell you how many levels in certain skills you need to obtain certain commands, nor will they tell you the directions to different places.

If you are interested in becoming a newbie helper, please use the 'apply' command to check if applications are being accepted and to check the requirements. Alternatively, check the 'helpers admin' command to talk to an administrator of newbie helpers.

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