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godmother - Request help from your fairy godmother.


godmother help


The fairy godmothers will help you become unstuck or unlost, by transporting you back to a safe location known to you. If you are below level 50 in your guild, then transport will cost you nothing other than a little time and energy. If you are above this level, they may require a life in payment. You will always be warned if you're going to lose a life and asked to confirm first.

Using godmother while dead will cause you to be raised from the dead. If you request her help when dead from the room in which your corpse is located, she will transport your corpse too.

Stuck in a broken place

When used in limbo or in a room where the exits have disappeared, godmother will always get you out for free. In this case you will not be asked whether you wish to continue. If the command tells you you will lose a life if you continue, you will.


> godmother help
This will cost you a life. Do you wish to continue?
> yes
As if by magic a fairy godmother appears.
The fairy godmother asks: So, you want some help to get back to the the bar of the Mended Drum?
The fairy godmother says: All you have to do is think of somewhere safe.
> nod godmother
You nod at the fairy godmother.
The fairy godmother says: Now the world will just rearrange itself to suit you.

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