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Discworld player help



comment - Report a comment, this is a type of bug report that only stays in the
database for a maximum of one month, no matter what.


comment object [name] <name of NPC or item>
comment {room|here}
comment command <name>
comment {spell|ritual} <name>
comment help <subject>
comment help object <name of NPC or item>
comment achievement <new|name>
comment web <url>
comment soul <new|soul command>
comment misc {subject}
comment special {subject}
comment spell {new|generic|wizards|witches}
comment ritual {new|generic}
comment object new
comment <missing item> in {room|chat} with <reason>


This command puts a temporary comment on an object. A comment should be used for things like code reviews and anything else that is not an error and is only a temporary note on a file.

See also

bug, typo, idea, liaisons, bugcheck, errors