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staves - Magical artifacts.


invoke <staff>


Magic staves do a variety of things to an area or to the contents of that area. Each staff has one purpose (e.g. the staff of light raises the light level of a room a little, the staff of exit detections finds hidden or secret exits from a location, etc.) but it is not always obvious what this is - there are means to identify artifacts and if you are sufficiently adept you will come to automatically recognise a particular artifact with time.

In order to be able to invoke a staff, you must be holding it and your level in "magic.items.held.staff" must be sufficiently high for that staff. Every time a staff is used successfully (or it backfires...) one charge is taken away.

There are also means to recharge staves, but this is generally a hazardous pastime unless you are very careful. There are other objects in staff form that are not artifacts in the sense above, i.e. they do not use charges or necessarily have a required level for successful use; an example of such an object is the wizard's staff (with a knob on the end) which is largely a spell storage device.


> hold staff
You hold the staff in your left hand and right hand.
> invoke staff
You invoke the staff.
It seems brighter here now.
> unhold staff
You put down the staff.

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