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wands - magical artifacts.


zap <wand> at <object>
zap <object> with <wand>


Magic wands do a variety of things to a specific target. Each wand has one purpose (e.g. the wand of healing heals the target a little, the wand of striking does some damage to the target, etc.) but it is not always obvious what this is - there are means to identify artifacts and if you are sufficiently adept you will come to automatically recognise a particular artifact with time. In order to be able to zap a wand, you must be holding it and your level in "magic.items.held.wand" must be sufficiently high for that wand - there are rumours of wands of artifact probing which tell the wielder the level of an artifact and how many charges it has remaining. Every time a wand is used successfully (or it backfires...) one charge is taken away. There are also means to recharge wands, but this is generally a hazardous pastime unless you are very careful.


> hold wand
You hold the wand in your left hand.
> zap wand at deutha
You zap the wand at yourself.
You feel a lot better.
> unhold wand
You put down the wand.

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