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Newbiehelper Policy

Newbie Helping

Newbiehelper Policy

Newbie helping can be a tough job. You need patience and a love of helping people.

The role is what you make of it - enthusiastic helpers find that they get pleasant feedback and their job becomes easier, whereas someone who cannot be bothered to put in the effort will find the job harder and will not keep the position for long. Many see newbie helping as a good way of 'giving back' to the MUD that they grew up on.

The general role of a newbiehelper is defined in 'help newbiehelpers'.

There are several resources available to make newbiehelping easier. These are outlined below.


Newbiehelpers are given 'guild informs' to tell them when new players join guilds. Make sure to 'inform guild' to turn them on. A guild inform looks like:

[skye joins the witches guild]

These can be used so that specific guild helpers can welcome a new player into their guild, and help them with whatever guild related questions they may have.

Another type of inform, accessible by all players, is the 'new-player' inform. A new-player inform looks like:

[Wyvyrn arrives on Discworld for the first time!]

A new-player inform simply tells you when people first log on to Discworld. It is strongly recommended that all helpers have this inform on, so they are aware of who new players are. Be aware that new players are likely to be rather overwhelmed, and having every newbiehelper greet them may not be helpful!

The Newbie Channel

The newbie channel is one of the main aspects of the newbiehelper's job. It is, for most players, the place where they receive their first impressions of the Discworld MUD. As such, we want the channel to be light-hearted and welcoming, and we want everybody who chats on it in an official capacity to do so in a fun, helpful and responsible way.

See 'help newbiechannel' for some pointers for dealing with newbies on the newbie channel.

The Newbiehelpers Channel

The newbiehelpers channel is for newbiehelpers, liaisons and other creators only. It is there to help newbiehelpers communicate with each other. Language and behaviour should meet the same standards as on any other channel.

The syntax for the newbiehelpers channel is: 'newbiehelpers <message>'

(newbie) Wyvyrn: Why is this poor womble crying? :(

> newbiehelpers Poor lass. I'll help her out!
You newbiehelpers-tell: Poor lass. I'll help her out!

(newbiehelpers) Kaea goes back to numberchasing, then!

Use @ or : to emote on this channel. For example:

> newbiehelpers @will be AFK for 10 minutes.
(newbiehelpers) Skye will be AFK for 10 minutes.

> newbiehelpers history
The newbiehelpers channel history is:
*22:38:59* Skye: lol

> hnewbiehelpers
The newbiehelpers channel history is:
*01:34:12* Skye: lol

The Whereis Command

The 'whereis' command is used to allow newbiehelpers to find players that are under the age of 18 hours. The purpose of the command is to assist newbies in finding where they are if they are lost, or how to use specific functions of a room. Use of this command is logged, and abuse of it will result in disciplinary action.

The syntax for the whereis command is: 'whereis <player>'

(newbie) Skye: I am so lost, I have no idea where I am! Can anybody help?

> whereis skye

Tall, rich maple trees fill Guilds Grove and create a beautifully shaded area. Between the many trees, several buildings can be seen around the grove. Quite a few people are meandering through the trees, on their way to more important business, like exploring the various guild buildings. The town square is between the trees to the northwest.
It is a cool backspindlewinter's morning with almost no wind and many puffy clouds.
There are seven obvious exits: northwest, assassins, thieves, warriors, priests, wizards and witches.
A pumpkin lantern is dangling from a lamp post and an informative sign is set in the ground.

You tell Skye: You're in the Guilds Grove of the Newbie Area on Discworld. You can use this area to learn more about the guilds available here. Typing the exit name (for example 'witches' or 'wizards') will take you to a room to tell you more about that guild. When you're done, you can take the 'northwest' exit from the room you're in now to take you back to the rest of the Newbie Area.


The 'newbiehelpers' board is used to allow communication between newbiehelpers, and for newbiehelpers admin to contact all newbiehelpers with advice or updates. It is very important that all newbiehelpers read this board!

The board should be used to ask questions about situations you have had problems with or to share solutions you have found. It can also be used as a way of publicly discussing policy with newbiehelpers admin.

The Website

The newbiehelper pages of the liaison domain's website contains information on becoming and being a newbiehelper. If a player approaches you regarding employment into the newbiehelpers domain, please direct them to this website!

The website can be found at:

When not to be a newbie helper

Please keep in mind that when you are logged on, you are a helper. You cannot turn off the helper status, and you cannot hide from it. Players -will- approach you for help, at any given moment. If you don't want to help somebody due to a cranky mood, or you are otherwise engaged, please refer the player to somebody else on the newbiehelpers channel.

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