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The Newbie Channel

Newbie Helping

The Newbie Channel


Players under 18 hours old are able to use the newbie channel to ask for help. Liaisons (and some other creators) and newbie helpers also have access to this channel so that they may provide answers to the younger players' questions.

Players over 18 hours old and creators who have not decided to be helpers cannot see the newbie channel. Therefore it is even more important that helpers should try to make sure that every question is answered on the channel.

Ideally, answers provided to newbie questions will not only solve the player's immediate problem, but also help them avoid having problems with similar issues in the future.

Responding on the channel

*Help them help themselves - When possible, direct players to help files or the syntax command. Doing so is a win-win situation since the player can not only get an answer, but also learn something about using the built-in help systems. This will help players become more self sufficient.
*"How do I join a guild?" - If a player asks how to join a guild, tell them that they should find the right place within the guild buildings and use the 'join' command. If they ask for help in joining the assassins guild they should be told that the assassins guild is a difficult guild to play, so we don't help newbies to join it. It's the first test that an assassin needs to face.
*"I'm lost!" - If someone says they are lost, direct them to 'help atlas' to get the URL for the website. Also suggest exploring and making their own maps.
*"How do I do <something guild oriented>?" - When someone asks for guild specific information, answer them if you can, and provide a general answer applicable to all guilds if possible. If you are unable to provide the information, suggest that the player ask the question to a member of the guild ("help who") directly or suggest the talker.
*"Where can I get <x>?" - If a player asks about money, equipment, a group, or any other non-gameplay questions, you may want to direct them to other ways of communicating with other players, eg, the talker, shouts or says. They will get a larger audience elsewhere!
*"I like cheese!" - General chat is no longer discouraged on the channel, but overly spammy players should be asked (politely!) to tone it down. In offensive or persistent cases, the player's newbie command may be removed (alert a Liaison).
*"What is/where can I get a talker?" - When they use the channel all newbies are reminded that they will lose the channel at 18 hours and are directed toward the talker. Ask the player to see if they have a voucher in their inventory and explain that they should do as the voucher suggests in order to get a talker. 'Help talker' lists the places to get a talker.
*The newbie channel should be a friendly and welcoming place. It should be somewhere where newbies can ask stupid questions without getting laughed at or told off. It should be somewhere where they can chat to other newbies without being shushed all the time.

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