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You can belong to a family by having a relationship with someone who is already in the family, or by creating your own family. You must register your family with one of the Discworld's registries these include:

      * The Patrician's Palace in Ankh-Morpork
      * The Hall of Records in Bes Pelargic
      * The Palace in Djelibeybi

It will require quite a lot of money for your family to continue to exist. Discworld's usual naming, language and harassment rules apply to family names, and your money may not be returned if the name is deemed inappropriate.

Families give you a last name, however they give you no extra commands, and no extra abilities.

Anyone in a family can invite another person into the family. The command 'relationship' is used to setup new relationships with someone else (and invite them into your family).

You can swap families, but not leave a family, once you have a family name.

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