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family control room

Discworld room help

family control room


family control room - allows you to control various aspect of families


create family called <name>
list families
list family <name>
balance [of] <family>
deposit <money> to <family>
description of <family>
change [name] format of <family name> to <string>


This is a room help file.

This place allows you to control all of the aspects of your family. It allows you to create and list families, and deposit money into your family. The command 'relationship' is used to bring people into your family and to setup relationships with people in other families.

If your family balance is less than the required amount when it is time for your family to pay for its fees, the family will be disbanded.

You can also change the capitalisation of your family here.

You cannot choose a family name from the books for your families.

Basic Commands

listThis command allows you to see all the families and detailed information about one family.
createAllows the creation of the family itself. Please note that the case of the name you use when you create the family is the case that will be used in all references to the family.
descriptionAllows you to change the description of the family.
changeAllows you to change the capitalisation of your family

Financial Commands

balanceShows you the balance of all the family accounts.
depositAllows you to deposit money into one of the family accounts.


> create family called Fluff
> description of fluff
> deposit 2 royals to fluff

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