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relationship - control your family relations


relationship <relationship> with <living> and join family
relationship remove <relationship> with <living>
relationship <relationship> with <living>
relationship list
relationship cleanup


This command sets up your relationships with everyone else. The relationship you specify in the command is your relationship with them. So if you are trying to become someone's parent you should set this relationship as parent.

The list option to the relationship command will show you the list of available relationships that you can setup with other people. Remember! Families are for life, not just the afternoon. However, some less permanent relationships can be removed with the relationship remove syntax. If a family name ceases to exist, the relationships may also be removed.

If the join family option is specified then the person you are asking for a relationship will also join your family. This will only have any real effect if the person you are setting up a relationship with is already in a family. If someone is not in a family then setting up a relationship with them automatically joins them into the family.

You can change families without setting up a new relationship if you already have a relationship with someone and specify that as your relationship. The 'and join family' section of the command must also be appended to cause the change of family. A person in the family you wish to change into must be the one that sets up the relationship and invites you into the family.

The syntax of the accept command will be displayed when the relationship is initiated.

Relationship cleanup will automatically remove all duplicate relationships, one-sided relationships, and relationships with characters that no longer exist. It will not remove relationships that are still valid.


> relationship parent with pinkfish

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