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accents - Your local dialect


Once you have exited the newbie area and choose your starting city on Discworld, you acquire language skills in the region's principal language. However, depending on which town or city within this region you choose, you will have a local accent.

You won't notice your accent, and nor will people from the same place as you. Only forners who grew up Elsewhere will notice the way you speak. Your accent may become especially apparent when you try to speak other languages.

Seeing people's accents is a game option. You may use the options system to toggle between reading accents and not.


> options output accent
Output accent = unadulterated

> options output accent = mangle
Set option output accent to mangle.
Mr Ralph Womblefluff says: This is wot the mangled accents sound laike.

> options output accent = unadulterated
Set option output accent to unadulterated.
Mr Ralph Womblefluff says with an Ohulan accent: While this is what I sound like unadulterated.

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