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Discworld player help



languages - List the languages you can speak.




This command tells you what languages you know. When you start in the newbie area, you'll just use a generic language, as well as knowing 'grunt'. After exiting the newbie area, you will choose which town or city to start in. This will also determine your starting language, and your local accent. As time goes on you will probably learn new languages.

There is no longer a generic 'general' language, but rather, if you wish to be understood by people from other parts of the Disc, you will need to learn each other's languages.

Grunt is a special language. It is a language everyone can speak but no one can understand. So, if you speak grunt no one else will understand you. This is the language you will speak if you forget all your others.

Languages have different properties, for example not all languages are spoken, and not all languages are written.

See also

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