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Discworld player help



tell - Tell another player something.


tell <player> [@adverb] <message>
tell reply [@adverb] <message>
tell replylock <names>
tell replylock remove


Tell is used to tell someone something who is not in the room with you. It will tell the player the message in the following manner. If you are Pinkfish and you type 'tell shadow bing', shadow will receive the message

Pinkfish tells you: bing

This is the main way of communicating with people not in the same room as you on the mud or in real life :)

The reply option to tell allows you to reply to the last person (or persons) to tell you something. The people that told you is remembered for 15 minutes. Please remember that this is a very dangerous way to chat and it is way open to mischats from someone dropping in a random tell to you on the way. This can be got around with "tell replylock", which will lock a person (or persons) into the people you send a tell reply to.

The @ can be used to use a specific adverb to the tell. For example using tell ceres @happily Hello will cause the recipient to be told that you tell them 'happily'. If you do not wish to receive the emotions in tells sent to you, you can set your "tell" information to be brief and it will cut this out.

Note that '#<language>' cannot be used with this command, since tells are out-of-character communication, and hence language-independent.


> tell pinkfish frog

> tell ben We are all going to Subiaco to buy some coke. Back soon.

> tell ember fix it, fix it.

> tell pinkfish,bil I am older than macaroni.

> tell reply fluff in space!

> tell ceres @happily This is happily.

> tell replylock sasquatch,ceres
You lock in sasquatch and ceres in your reply list.
Womble tells you: Hi
> tell reply Bing
You tell Sasquatch and Ceres: Bing

>tell replylock remove
You remove any possible reply locks.

> tell ceres @happily This is happily.

See also

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