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stable - a firm and solid environment for your mount


check [stabled] {horse|camel|mount}
stable <mount>
destable [my] mount
raise <dead mount>


When you're done riding your mount, you can put it away in a stable where it will be cared for by the finest of stablehands.

Mounts in stables will be fed the finest of grass and brushed twice a day. On Tuesdays, they will also be given luxurious massages by the stablehands, who are not quite trained masseurs but try their best. However, the fee to destable your mount is higher the longer it's been stabled. Be careful not to stable your mount for too long, or your mount will be repossessed to pay off your debt!

You can destable your mount at a different stable from the one you stabled it in - a stablehand will bring your mount over.

Some stables also contain a shop counter that sells supplies.

If your mount dies, you can get its ghost raised from the dead at a stable.


>stable my horse
You hand the skewbald horse over to the stablehands.
>check horse
You have a quick look at the stabled horses and see that your skewbald gelding seems to be doing well.
>destable my horse
You pay the stablehands A$1.66 and they bring a skewbald horse out of the stalls for you.

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