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horse doctor

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camel doctor


horse doctor / camel doctor - the place to treat horses or camels


treat <mount>


When your mount gets sick, you can get it treated at a horse doctor or camel doctor. Conveniently, most horse doctors are also well-versed in camels and vice versa, allowing you to get treatment on the go.

Note that some witches can also treat mounts, which is likely to be cheaper.


>treat my horse
It will cost A$50 to treat your skewbald horse. Do you wish to continue? (y/n)
You pay Quiet Eva A$50 to treat the skewbald horse.
Quiet Eva inspects the skewbald horse carefully, paying attention to its hooves and coat.
Quiet Eva fusses over a sick horse.
Quiet Eva walks the skewbald horse around slowly, observing its gait for problems.
Quiet Eva opens the skewbald horse's mouth to check its teeth.
Quiet Eva mixes some horse medicine into a bowl of mash and feeds it to the skewbald horse.
After a few minutes, the skewbald horse starts to look better.

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