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scribe - Place a spell onto paper.


scribe <spell> on <paper> with <quill>
scribe <spell> with <quill> on <paper>


This command may be used to make a magic scroll from a piece of paper by imprinting it with a spell. You must know the spell and the piece of paper cannot already be a magic scroll. Your success is determined by your bonus in magic.items.scroll compared to the level of the spell, and scribing will cost the same number of magic guild points as it would cost to cast the spell.

Beware, unless you are skilled in magic it can be dangerous to have too many magic scrolls in close proximity to each other.


> scribe Brassica Oleracea Ambulata on piece of paper with quill
You scribe Brassica Oleracea Ambulata on the piece of paper with the quill.

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