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Discworld command help



scour - Cleanse a sacred weapon of imbued rituals


scour {places|rituals|wards} from <object>


The scour command allows a priest to cleanse a holy weapon of rituals which have previously been added to it using the bestow command. The effect of successfully scouring an item is equivalent to that of a priest of another church consecrating it to their deity. You must be at a high altar of your god to scour an item.

As well, it may be used to help an item lose memories of locations that have been attached to it or to remove rituals that have been bestowed onto an item as wards.


> scour rituals from baton
You meditate upon the holiness of Sek as you attempt to cleanse the ribboned baton of its imbued power.
The ribboned baton pulses as the ritual bless leaves it.

See also

bestow, remember place, warding