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Discworld command help



bestow - Imbue a ritual into a suitably sacred weapon


bestow <ritual> on <part> of <rod>


The bestow command allows a priest to imbue one of their rituals into a suitable part of a holy weapon so that others may use it. There are many constraints on being able to bestow a ritual - the item must be holy to the priest's deity, there must be enough space for the ritual, and the priest must succeed in performing it with a slight penalty.

Once bestowed upon the weapon, other priests and worshippers of the god may use the perform command to use the ritual. Unless much time is spent in devout contemplation, however, the ritual will leave the weapon after a single use.

Only certain special weapons are capable of having rituals bestowed upon them in this way. Bestowing also requires deity points, and excommunicated priests cannot use the command.

Additionally, the command allows a priest to protect a suitable item against theft with a religious ritual of their choosing. The item in question needs to be prepared beforehand using one of the warding rituals.


> bestow calm into handle of orange cane
You are having trouble bestowing calm because bestowing a ritual takes extra concentration and you have chosen a receptacle which has poor affinity with the ritual.
You utter a quick prayer.
You make soothing noises.
The orange cane resonates briefly as its handle becomes imbued with the ritual calm.

> bestow dust devil onto holy symbol
You speak a short prayer.
You point at a holy symbol.
You chant quietly, clutching the holy symbol in your hands. You feel it take on a holy aura as the ritual of dust devil moves to fill it.

See also

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