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Discworld player help



killers - List the player killers currently logged in, or interact with the player killer ladder.


killers [brief|verbose]
killers here
killers guild <guild name>
killers club <club name>
killers capped

killers ladder {join|leave}
killers ladder view {me|top|bottom|all}
killers ladder view <name>
killers ladder targets
killers ladder title {top dog|top pk|killer of the hill|none}


Killers lists the player killers who are currently logged in. In verbose mode, players' family names are also listed with families grouped together; the default is brief which gives just the first name.

You can also use this command to show all the logged-in player killers in the room, in a specific guild, in a specific club, or with an active (and non-hidden) skillcap.

Finally, you can use this command to join, leave, or view the player killer ladder. Only player killers can join and leave the ladder, but anyone can view it. For more information on the player killer ladder, see "help pk_ladder".


> killers
There are 3 player killers logged in:
Joeblow Freddy ZinFadel
> killers here
The player killers in the room currently are Lanfear and Janus.
> killers ladder join
Congratulations! You have joined the player killer ladder. You are at
position 39 and can advance by killing one of the following: Kake, Pit,
Wodan, Woom, Aristophanes and Sojan
> killers ladder leave
You have left the player killer ladder. You will be placed at the bottom
of the ladder if you rejoin in the future.

See also

pk_ladder, playerkilling, qwho, users, who