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PK Ladder

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PK Ladder


killers ladder {join|leave}
killers ladder view {me|top|bottom|all}
killers ladder view <name>
killers ladder targets
killers ladder title {top dog|top pk|killer of the hill|none}

The PK Ladder

The PK ladder is a way for playerkillers to compete to see who's the meanest and toughest of them all. It provides a ranking of registered playerkillers, based on who they've killed.

Participation in the ladder is voluntary. When you join, you are placed at the bottom. Your targets are people that you can kill in order to rise in rank, all above you on the ladder. Every time you kill one of your targets, you rise one rank.

Note that only player killers can join and leave the ladder, but anyone can view it.


> killers ladder join
Congratulations! You have joined the player killer ladder. You are at
position 39 and can advance by killing one of the following: Kake, Pit,
Wodan, Woom, Aristophanes and Sojan
> killers ladder leave
You have left the player killer ladder. You will be placed at the bottom
of the ladder if you rejoin in the future.

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