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achievements - what have you done with your life?


achievements attained
achievements unattained
achievements legacy
achievements hide category <string>
achievements hide achievement <string>
achievements unhide category <string>
achievements unhide achievement <string>
achievements display hidden
achievements details <string>


The achievements command allows you to manage your life achievement settings.

First of all, if you have never gained any achievements, you can use the legacy option to have the system check you out for achievements you have already gained. This might take a while, and be very spammy...

If you want to see what achievements you have attained, 'achievements attained'. If you want to see what achievements are yet to be attained, 'achievements unattained'.

If you wish to control which achievements are displayed and broadcast to other players, you can make use of the hide and unhide options. You can hide or unhide by category, or at the level of a single achievement. Note that a category always overrides a single achievement option.


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