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Discworld command help



quests - a command to give hints for quests or full solutions if so desired


quests list {uncompleted|completed} [quests]
quests list all [quests]
quests list [main] areas
quests list sub-areas in <area>
quests list <area> [quests]

quests show details for <quest>
quests show {general|location|item|npc} hint for <quest>
quests show next {general|location|item|npc} hint for <quest>
quests show [all] {general|location|item|npc} hints for <quest>
quests show {solution|location|item|npc} [details] for <quest>


The quests command allows you to list quests and show hints, details or solutions for them. Quests can be listed based on their area or whether you have completed them or not.

There are four types of hints available for quests: general, location, item and NPC hints. The "quests show {general|location|item|npc} hint for <quest>" syntax will show the first hint of the specified type and the "next" option will show the next hint.

If you want more detailed location, item or NPC information the "quests show {solution|location|item|npc} [details] for <quest>" syntax should be used. Note that the "solution" option will show the full solution for the quest.

For those who prefer a web interface, the same information can be found at:

Please do not discuss quests on public channels.