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supplication - a way to change which god you worship.


Unlike priests, who must cleave to their chosen god for life, a worshipper (follower) of a god can change their mind, renounce their faith, and supplicate another deity.

To begin this process, you will need to visit the high altar of your current deity, and renounce your faith. Next, you must visit the high altar of your new deity, and supplicate this deity. Of course the deity wants to be convinced that you are sincere.

In order to prove your worthiness you have to pray to your new god at Their high altar or let others of Their flock pray for you. You may also pay your respects to Them. To some extent they accept both interchangeably, however they need to see you do a little bit of both. The minimum time they have to think about you is 30 (rw) days.

You can supplicate whenever you want to check your current status within the process. However, you need to be in align in order to do so.

Note that the gods need you to show more of your conviction the more you change your faith.


> renounce faith
> supplicate Gufnork
> pray for Turvity
> pray to Gufnork
> pay respects to Gufnork with 20 dollar

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