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Alignment is one of the central concepts of religion on Discworld. Just as the gods come in various shapes and sizes with different tenets and doctrines to their faiths, the mortal inhabitants of Discworld, including players, have a variety of alignments reflecting, in some way, their habits and attitudes to their surroundings. Each deity requires that a follower's or priest's alignment be in a certain range for rituals and other favours to be granted, so if religion is an important component in your life, you should learn to be careful with actions that affect your alignment.

Given the polarisation of alignment into "good" and "evil", the foremost of these actions will be the killing of another creature. Killing a good creature will generally make you more evil, while killing an evil creature will generally make you more good. It's important to note that the actual act of taking another life is inherently evil, so even if the creature is "neutral", you may become more evil by its death.

There are various ways to detect the alignment of another creature or that of yourself - a crude estimate appears on your score, together with your deity.

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