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Multiplay Allow

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Multiplay Allow


A "multiplay allow" between two players is the ability to play together from the same IP at the same time. This is otherwise impossible because the game blocks multiple logins from the same IP address.

A multiplay allow is between two (or more) players, so not limited to an IP address. You can NOT get a certain (proxy or normal) server flagged as okay. On the other hand, a multiplay allow granted at one place will also work in any other place.

Since an allow is between players rather than characters, it automatically extends to all registered alts.

Getting a multiplay allow

In general only liaisons will give out permanent multiplay allows, and before they do so they want to be confident that the players they are allowing are really different people.

To see that two people are really two people, the liaisons will chat for a while to both the players who want the multiplay allow together, and watch as they play; this doesn't have to take very long (and can be done in 20-40 minutes). However, sometimes it can not be done immediately, and you will be given a temporary allow for a week, in which the process has to be done at some point. If you do not have the permanent allow after a week, the temporary allow will simply be removed and you have to ask again.

To get a permanent multiplay allow, you should also:

-set a valid e-mail address;
-register all your alts;
-read help rules, help multiplechars and help character ownership (these answer some of the questions about the rules that sometimes arise when people play from the same place).

If you have a temporary allow, it is wise to start by doing these things!

Multiplay allows between more than 2 people

Of course, playing with 3 or more people from the same network is also possible. In principle, each set of two needs a multiplay allow between them, but most liaisons will be happy to do an allow process between several people at once. Just ask a liaison if you want to do this.

Getting an allow with yourself

Of course, it is strictly forbidden to attempt a multiplay allow with another character played by yourself: not only does this break the multiplechars rules, but you add manipulating liaisons to your record.

Please consider the chance that someone finds out in a year - when your characters have developed quite nicely - and then all concerned characters are deleted.

Other rules to note

Please realise that even when you have a permanent multiplay allow with someone it is still against the rules to play on the same computer at the same time ("sharing keyboards"). Also, do not play the other's character, not even for a moment.

See Also

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