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Discworld Concepts

Character Ownership

Discworld Concepts

Character Sharing

Allowing other people to log in as, or play, your character (or playing someone else's character) is strictly forbidden. That includes lending, giving, trading or selling characters to others. Punishment is likely to include deletion of the character.

Note that this also includes any actions done on a character that is not your own, whether by consent of the owner or not.


It is your responsibility to prevent others from logging in and playing your character. You will be held accountable for all the actions of your player characters no matter who is in control of them, so make sure your password is kept secret, and don't keep your character logged in where others have access to it.

If you forget your password and have an email address set, you can reset it at the login screen, and a new one will be emailed to you. If there is no valid email address and no registered alts your password cannot and will not be reset. You must not reset other players' passwords; the penalty for doing so can be banishment.

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