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Hey, no-one is perfect, and sometimes you may feel the need to make a complaint about a player, creator, situation, or whatever.

Please realise that complaints should not be made lightly. All complaints are considered to be official and any abuse of the system will not be looked upon kindly.

There are a number of methods you may use to make a complaint:

Complaints Boards

One way of making complaints is by using the complaints board in the Patrician's Palace in Ankh-Morpork, or the Hall of Records in Bes Pelargic. Complaints made on this board are anonymous, so if you wish a reply to be directed to you then you will need to sign the message. Complaints made to the complaints board are posted to a restricted board that only Directors and Trustees have access to read.

Mailing Complaints

You can also mail the admin mailing list from the post office. Simply address your mail to 'admin'. This will go to all the active members of the admin domain (typically only Trustees). You can 'finger admin' to see who will receive a copy of your message.

As an alternative, you can email <> with your complaint.

Complaints about creators

If you wish to complain about a creator, you should mail that creator's Domain Leader(s). You can find out which Directors these are by fingering the creator, then fingering the domains he/she belongs to.

Before making a complaint, please think whether you have explored all the avenues of resolution available to you.  Often, simply discussing your situation with the relevant parties will resolve things.  Communication is a valuable tool, particularly in a text-based environment such as Discworld.  If talking to the person involved doesn't work, you may like to talk over the situation with a Liaison before choosing to make a formal complaint.

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