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Discworld concepts



Administrators - those who manage the game


The Discworld administration is divided into two sections. The directors and the trustees.


The directors are typically domain leaders. Their job is to manage their domains overseeing the development and direction of the domain and to manage the creators within it.

Some directors (effectively non-executive directors) may not be domain leaders but instead manage other aspects of the games maintenance and development.


The other half of the administrative structure is the trustees. The trustees carry the ultimate responsibility for the smooth running of the mud. They set policies and rules, oversee the development and management of the machine, driver and mudlib.

They are also the final authority for the resolution of disputes and infringement of the rules. For such important matters as these, you can contact the trustees by mudmailing 'admin' or emailing ''.

A list of the currently active trustees can be found by fingering the admin domain.


The creative and administrative structures within Discworld are a meritocracy where those who work well and show ability get promoted.

Every Director and Trustee (except the few original founders) was a player at one time and has risen through the ranks over several years. A typical Trustee will have been working on Discworld for at least five years.

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