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Discworld player help



finger - extra information on people playing.


finger [player|creator|domain|god|family|club]
finger club [club name]
finger family [family name]


Finger is primarily used to provide information about players and creators. It returns information such as when they were last on, or since when they have been logged on for, how long they have been idle for (if at all), their real name, location, email address and birthday (if they entered them), how old their character is, what guild they are in etc. etc.

With no arguments finger will provide a list of who is currently on Discworld giving their name, real name, location and birthday. The second field is [T]rustee, [D]irector, [S]enior creator, [C]reator, [E]xecutive playtester, [p]laytester - normal players have no flag, and [X] means they are still logging in, anyone can also be using [e]armuffs.

Finger can be forced to show information on clubs and families by putting the keyword 'club' or 'family' in front of the name you wish to finger. You can force the display of a domain using the 'domain' keyword.


> finger pinkfish
> finger club ic
> finger family l'femmes
> finger domain fluffy

Other uses

Finger can also be used to find out information about the following:

domainfinger will return who the director of the domain is, a brief description of the domain and a list of the creators in the domain and their current project.
familyfinger will return who the founder of the family is, a list of members and their relationships.
godfinger will return a description of the god (or goddess), who the highpriest(ess) is, alignment requirements and the number of priests the god(dess) has.
clubfinger will return the description of the club and any information about the club that is available.

Changing finger information

To change your finger information use the command chfn.

The wonderful .plan (and .project) can be set in your aliases, and can each be five lines long. ie to set your plan:

alias .plan You are a womble;Have fun

The ;'s in your .plan will be expanded to newlines

See also

chfn, email, mailinfo, who, qwho, users, refer, creators, when, whois, idle, age