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Discworld Domains - Forn

The leader of Forn is Kake.

The Forn Parts domain, where all those far flung places you've only ever read about in books are brought to life. From the sparkling port city of Genua, situated on the Vieux delta, to the brooding megalithic monoliths of Llamedos, all the way to the mysterious island of Krull, perched precariously on the very edge of the Discworld.

A lifetime of fun and adventure awaits the intrepid explorer in these distant, exotic locations. Meet nubile young men and women, fight dangerous beasts and uncover glorious treasures! Magic! Romance! Heroism! A thousand elephants! And more, much more besides!

Well... what are you waiting for? Come visit us!

The Forn domain is currently closed to applications.

Forn domain webpages

Members of this illustrious domain: