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Discworld MUD - The Forn Domain

Welcome to the Forn Domain's web pages. In here you'll find all sorts of nifty information relating to Forn Parts. If there is something in particular you'd like to see on these web-pages, then use the idea page below to submit your suggestion, and we'll see what we can do.

We are actively recruiting new creators. Click on the Creator Applicants link for more details. Come join the Forn domain - it's more fun than being stabbed in the face!


No notices are good notices!

General Forn Domain Pages

The following links are general purpose links for the Forn domain. Player accessible pages that are not directly related to on-going development projects are linked here.

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Creator Applicants
A lot of people apply to be creators... obviously, we cannot accept everyone who wants to be a creator. However, if you want to read a little about how you can improve your chances of finding employment with the Forn domain, you can have a look through these pages.
Submit Your Idea!
Have an idea for the Forn domain? An area you'd like to see? Well then, you can submit your idea here and we'll have a look at it. This is your MUD too, remember... we're interested in your suggestions.

Forn Domain Projects

The following links contain player-accessible information for each of the major on-going projects for the domain. Information on these pages is at the discretion of the project leader, domain deputies, and domain lord: so you know who to bug if you want information posted here. Information here is intended to give you a general idea of what the project involves and who is working on it - don't go expecting quest solutions or full breakdowns of everything the finished project will have. :-)

Public Relations
The public relations project is an on-going project concerned with bringing you... yes, you, the very best information on the Forn domain. News, hot off the presses, delivered to your browser as it happens, when it happens. Who could ask for more?
The Genua development project is concerned with bringing the wonderful land of Genua to the MUD in glorious technicolour. The people, the places, the faces, the music and the romance of the country and the city are all part of this development project.
The isolated island kingdom of Krull is perched on (and slightly over) the very edge of the Discworld. The Krull project is in charge of bringing this secretive society into the MUD, even if it kills them.
Nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Circle Sea, the country of Llamedos is famous for three things: Bards, Druids and rain. This project is aiming to inflict all three on the Discworld, for better or for worse.

Restricted Pages

The following links are for the restricted pages of the Forn domain web.

Creator Information
Creators only!
Playtester Information
Playtesters and creators only.