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Soul Help


Allowed command patterns:
dare <string> <indirect:any-living>
dare <indirect:any-living> <string>
dare <indirect:any-living>
Has a no arguments, targeted mode.
You dare Womble and Cabbage.
cheeky dares you.
cheeky dares Womble and Cabbage.
For the arguments:
[to go creator, to read Godot's code, to boogie, to buy a hat, to go playtester, to see the world, to buy a turtle, to shave a yak, to kiss a frog, to walk into the Shades with eyes closed, to wolf whistle at Angua, to yell "I am a womble!", to moo loudly, to steal Vimes' boots, to go PK and say that, to drink scumble, to say the truth, to find a figgin, to ride Ronnie's horse, to advance horse riding, to swallow a penny, to snort dried frog pills, to make fun of Cohen, to make a pun, to play Death's ribs like a xylophone, to slap a watchman, to go nekkid to the Hub, to refresh, to say that to Granny's face, to wedgie a demon, to moon a watchman, to milk Bessie, to do a quest, to find the truth, to drink Klatchian coffee, to kiss the Wintersmith, to fight a Feegle, to hug a Creator, to love without restraint, to buy everyone a pie, to buy everyone a beer, to do the Macarena, to sing loudly, to do AshkEnte backwards, to return fire to the gods, to donate everything to the Klatchian Foreign Legion, to worship a table, to outrun Rincewind, to do the Run, to mess with the Agony Aunts, to make T-Rex sausages, #]
You dare Womble and Cabbage to go creator.
cheeky dares you to go creator.
cheeky dares Womble and Cabbage to go creator.