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craft shop

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craft shop


player craft shop - a place where a player can control items bought and sold


retrieve <id>
waiting unapproved
reject <id>
value <object>


This is an extension of the category craft shop, it does all the things that it does plus is adds some extensions to work for players control.

This allows a player to setup a craft shop and control the inventory of the shop. They also make money on each purchase. A player will sell the item to the shop normally and the shop will then place the item into a list of items which are to be accepted. The player can change any of the various values of the item, both before and after it is placed for sale.

If someone acidently sells something they didn't want to, they can get it out of the shop by using the 'reject <id>' syntax. This will only work on items they, themselves have added. The players can also see which items have been added to the shop and have not yet been accepted or rejected with the 'waiting' command.

*NOTE* There are two waiting lists, there is the approved and unapproved waiting lists. The approved waiting list is anything that was approved by the owner functions.

To run the shop you will need the Shop Owners Guide which is available at a book store near you.


> value frog
> sell frog
> waiting
> reject aa

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