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first aid training

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first aid training


First Aid Training


bandage {left|right} {arm|leg|foot|hand|shoulder|hip} {of|on} {mannequin|dummy}
bandage {neck|head|abdomen|back|chest|pelvis} {of|on} {mannequin|dummy}
splint {left|right} leg {of|on} {mannequin|dummy}
remove dressings from {mannequin|dummy}


This room allows you to practice your bandaging and splinting skills, for a small donation. When all the limbs and body parts have a dressing, you will need to remove them. Note that the doctor does not understand magic, and so whilst witches may practice the mundane elements of splinting here, they are unable to practice the headological aspects.


bandage left foot of mannequin
bandage back on dummy
splint left leg of dummy
remove dressings from mannequin

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