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Discworld player help



spulluf - purchase exciting things


purchase stuff
list on <spulluf>
browse <id> on <spulluf>
buy <id> from <spulluf>
buy <id> with <options> from <spulluf>
dismiss <spulluf>
trash <object> with <spulluf>


Spulluf will sell commercial items to you in commercial properties. They are very nice and happy to hang around and wait for you to finish. The spulluf can be summoned with the purchase command in the shop.

Some of the things sold require options; to specify options you use a comma sperated list with the format <option name>=<option>

When you trash a shop item it will completely destroy the item and not give you any money back from the operation.


> purchase stuff
> list on spulluf
> buy a from spulluf
> buy g with stockroom size=150, counter type=polished hardwood counter from spulluf

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