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Pottery wheel

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Pottery wheel


pottery wheel - used to mould pots


throw <object> onto <wheel>
mould <object> into {pot type} on <wheel>


This wheel can be used to mould pottery clay into different types of pots, the type that can be made varies between wheels and can be seen with "syntax mould".

After a pot has been successfully moulded it can be decorated at a pottery table, where it can be stained with a pattern and glazed. You can also sign your work with a pottery brush and once dry pottery can be fired in a kiln.

The skill crafts.pottery.forming.throwing is used to throw clay onto the wheel and crafts.pottery.forming.shaping is used to mould clay into shapes.


> throw clay onto wheel
You confidently throw some clay onto the centre of the wheel.

> mould clay into bowl on wheel
You expertly set the wheel in motion and start to mould the clay on it.
You add the finishing touches to the bowl and stop the wheel turning.

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