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Paintable furniture

Discworld player help

Paintable furniture


paintable furniture - furniture that can be decorated


With a paint tin:
paint <part> of <object> with <paint>
paint <object> help

With a paint tin and stencil:
stencil <stencil> on <part> of <object> with <paint>

With an applique:
stick <applique> to <part> of <object>
stick <object> help

With beeswax:
polish <part> of <object> with <beeswax>
polish <object> help

With a multi-functional stripper:
strip <part> of <furniture> with <stripper>


Paintable furniture has parts that can be covered with paint, polished
with beeswax and decorated with stencils and appliques. The parts available
to be decorated can be seen with the syntax "paint object help" (if you have
a paint tin in your inventory).


> strip frame of bed with stripper
You strip the frame of the lavender pine bed, exposing what was underneath.

> paint frame of bed with paint
You paint the frame on the plain pine bed with the tasselled paint brush
using light, smooth strokes.

> stencil stencil on frame of bed with paint
You stencil a red stencil of a constellation of stars on the frame on the
pale yellow pine bed with with the tasselled paint brush using careful

> stick applique to headboard of bed
You stick one of the stick-on appliques to the headboard of the pale yellow
pine bed, before smoothing it down.

> polish tabletop of coffee table with beeswax
You polish the tabletop of the oval coffee table with some beeswax.