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map - Maps of the Disc.


consult <object>
study <object>
locate <place> on <object>
add <place> to <object> with <writing implement>
erase <place> from <object>


These are physical (in game) maps that cover some or all of the Discworld. The maps vary in area covered and detail shown.

The consult and study commands tell you where you are relative to cities, towns, mountain ranges and other notable features. Consult just tells you which direction those features are, while study also estimates their distance. You may also locate a specific feature on the map; this will indicate the distance and direction to that place. Finally, you can add new locations to the map as well as erase them. As can be expected, to erase a location you must have an eraser and the location must be in pencil.

The maps use your adventuring.direction skill to determine how accurately you can determine distances, directions and your own current position.


> consult map

You consult your map and conclude that generally to the north are Brass Neck and Bad Ass, generally to the south is Blackglass, roughly to the east are Razorback, Copperhead and Mad Wolf, generally to the west are the Carrack Mountains, Ohulan-Cutash and Mad Stoat, roughly to the northeast are Slippery Hollow and Slice, generally to the southwest are the Skund Forest and Lancre Town and lying to the southeast is Creel Springs.

> study map

You consult your map and estimate that the Morpork Mountains are about ninety miles to the east and the Carrack Mountains are about five hundred and fifty miles to the east.

> locate morpork mountains on map

You consult your map and estimate that the Morpork Mountains are roughly ninety miles to the east.

> add Nowhere to map with pencil
You add a new location to the map.

> erase nowhere from map

You erase "Nowhere" from the map.

Important Note

As with real map reading you can misread the maps. Depending on your character's adventuring.direction skill you may misinterpret where you are on the map and you may also misinterpret where other objects are in relation to you.

Thus your ability in adventuring.direction will determine how accurately you can locate objects on the map and how accurately you can add new locations to the map. If you add a location in the wrong place on the map it will forever be in the wrong place (unless erased). This can also lead to locations on the maps appearing to move as your character reassesses its current location.