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glass nugget

Discworld player help

glass nugget


glass nugget - a colourful little item used in spells


> say Dark red.
> cast Pragi's Molten Gaze on me


Glass nuggets can be bought at various magic shops around the Disc. They change colour periodically.

They can also be forced to take on a specific colour by saying the name of the colour. This is skillchecked, and will only work for things that the nugget considers to be valid colours. It also sometimes results in the nugget exploding; this is not harmful to players or NPCs, but will destroy the nugget.

A glass nugget is used as a (non-consumed) component in the spells Pragi's Molten Gaze, Turnwhistle's Effulgent Autiridescence, and Union of the Phoenix and Divine Dragon. The colour of the nugget will cosmetically affect the outcome of the spell.