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Engraving tool

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Engraving tool


graving tool - used to engrave text or patterns on hard objects


engrave text <string> on <object> {with|using} <object>
engrave pattern from <book> on <item> {with|using} <tool>
engrave text <string> on <object> {with|using} <object> in <language>


The graving tool can be used to engrave messages on metal, wooden, or glass objects. In order to engrave in a language, you need to have some proficiency in it.

If you have an engraving pattern book, you can use it to add a pattern to your item, if you turn it to the right page.

If you make a mistake you can remove the pattern with a special polishing file, but that will damage the item. Engraved text can also be removed.

The skill is the main one used for patterns, but also helps. Engraving text uses crafts.arts.calligraphy.


> hold tool
You hold a steel graving tool in your left hand.
> engrave pattern from book on axe with tool
You start to engrave a pattern on the ornamental temple axe with the steel graving tool.
Your fingers begin to cramp and you set down your engraving tool, noting that there is still more to be done on the pattern.
> engrave pattern from book on axe with tool
You start working once more on the unfinished engraving on the ornamental temple axe.
You finish engraving the pattern on your ornamental temple axe and set down your engraving tool.